The water is very clear surprisingly even though there are minerals in it, and it is also very hot (some hot springs I have been to are more like bathwater, if you have a hurt shoulder like me or go in winter like I have twice, heat counts! Page 5 of 10. Strawberry Creek, after which the ranch is so named, is a small, perennial stream that bisects the ranch and supplies most of its water. Strawberry Pass is a great scenic trail that connects highways 50 and 88. Surface • Gravel at the entrance. The lake can also be accessed from High Lonesome Trail at Monarch Lake. 2. There is a great deal of open space due to a recent wildfire which actually provides unique views throughout the trail. It is a tributary to the White River, with that river forming the primary drainage for the area’s defining watershed, covering almost 4,000 square miles in this part of northwest Colorado. This 3.8 mile trail gently winds through beautiful forest, along spectacular meadows and flowing creeks. The staff at Strawberry Creek Outfitters, LLC are proud to offer to you a variety of Rocky Mountain hunting choices. The Strawberry Creek ranches are nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains. ). Strawberry Creek Trail, 1 mile; Owl Bend Trail, 0.5 miles; Prairie Trail, 0.33 miles; Turkey Roost Trail, 1.33 miles. This part of the trail may be unmaintained, I suggest speaking with a Ranger before taking this alternate route. Scenic Muddy Creek flows west to east diagonally across the property offering many hidden spots to explore and enjoy year-round. The trail is generally run from the North, which allows you to climb up from Highway 50 over Strawberry pass (8,615 feet). Mad Creek/Hot Springs Trail and Strawberry Park Hot Springs. These are the most beautiful hot springs in Colorado! The next intersection will be that with Doe Trail on the left. Hikeing south, this trail is exclusively singletrack with low elevation grade, making it a comfortable hike. ... in Colorado #11,556 Overall. If you are ready to have one of the best Elk Hunting experiences in Colorado, contact us today! Along the way up the trail, you will cross Strawberry Creek several times. Strawberry Creek hiking trail in Granby, Colorado. The creek and the lake gets its name from the mineral deposits in the area. The creek is fairly large and is crystal clear. 4,911 m black diamond primitive trail. The trail comes to a junction where you will take a left to follow the trail that plunges in the north canyon. 140 Views Last Month 1,361 Since Aug 25, 2017 Intermediate. Convienently located between Meeker and Craig, CO. Connect to this trail from Buck Gulch Trail at the north end. One of the many features that make this ranch stand out is the valuable water rights, providing 275 acre-feet of water annually for agriculture and municipal use. Stay left here to keep on the Strawberry Creek West Trail where you'll immediately cross a stream and then run around the edge of the meadow with some fantastic views. All the pools are very natural, surrounded by rock with sandy or rocky bottoms. The Northern half of the trail is the most difficult while the outhern half remains easy to moderate. As you follow the trail you will be looking for the North Fork canyon to open up on the north side of the main canyon. Location: Steamboat Springs area Hike: This sunny trail outside Steamboat Springs starts and ends right next to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs — an encouraging reminder of the reward that awaits after your workout. It is accessed via the Hi Lonesome Trail or the Doe Creek Trail and makes an excellent backpacking loop section that involves the Hi Lonesome and Strawberry Creek Trails. The trail begins by following the north bank above Strawberry Creek.