The best Swiss Army knife is precisely the one that fits what you need. If you’re thinking outdoors, try picking a knife with a large blade, wood saw, bottle opener, etc. If you don’t like the bulky, way-too-many-tools models of these knives, then give the Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife from Victorinox a try. No matter your needs, the Swiss Army Knife is a knife that is versatile enough to be a perfect fit for anyone. Victorinox Swiss multi-purpose knives are characterized by their good quality, versatility, and durability. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'knifebuzz_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',141,'0','0'])); Overall, this is a product I would easily recommend to friends and family. We’ll talk about the Victorinox multifunctional Swiss army knife, the Tinker pocket knife. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman. The Tinker is another one of those swiss army knives that manages to find itself into the pockets of quite a few of our readers, thus becoming their de-facto swiss army knife to EDC. The Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife is made from stainless steel in Switzerland and has a lifetime guarantee. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'knifebuzz_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',142,'0','0'])); Unlike the Soldier, however, the Tinker comes at a much lower price point. Quality of materials. Although my experience with these knives is not that extreme, they came in real handy for me in the past, especially in the wilderness. It may, however, be a little too rough for some people. The Rescue Tool from Victorinox was developed in consultation with professional safety and rescue service personnel. Sure, you could use one if you had no other option, but you could just as easily use any other knife. Ignore the various tools typical of the Swiss and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any noticeable differences. Klein is a reputed manufacturer when it comes to handy tools, and its Tools 1550-2 Pocket Knife with 2 Carbon Steel Blades proudly holds up the tradition. Most people buy these knives with a lot of tools without any proper plan to utilize them. If you’re looking to buy your first one, or just adding another one to your collection, our list can help you choose. Before buying a knife, make a mental list of what will you be using it for. Of the thousands of different uses they have, some major ones include: The regular Swiss knife can handle pretty much anything you need to cut in your daily life. The one I received was non-serrated, however, serrated versions are also available. How to Choose the Best Swiss Army Knife. As for types of these knives, there’s really to black and white product category. These knives can easily help you with light cooking at home, or some more in the wild. 1 in 2020 WORK FASTER & EASIER. Shown here in black: this is the minimum amount of survival tools you will get on a multi tool. Their knives are made of Swedish steel from Sandvik. At the same time, however, it’s all too easy to accidentally hurt yourself on one of these other tools. Its 33 functions makes sure that you’ll find a tool for pretty much every occasion. You’re getting an unbelievable 33 functions packed into a pocket knife that’s less than 10cm long. This premium knife has long been among the company’s best sellers, and for good reasons too. Pick the best Swiss Army knife from this list, and you’ll never have to worry about having a handy tool for everyday use again. But is it for you? There are only a handful of tools out there that are as versatile and handy as Swiss Army knives. Welcome to KnifeBuzz – a site dedicated to helping you find detailed and unbiased reviews and advice! Overall, the Trekker was a complete surprise and better than I expected. If you spend most of your time with gadgets, you might feel more comfortable with a set of screwdriver implements. The Swiss Army Trekker may be for you then. Unfortunately, self-defense isn’t really one of them. Since then, the Swiss army knife has become a standard item for many militaries around the world and also for … There are not many tools that people can actually claim to have saved their lives. Check. The Swiss government set out to reissue the knives supplied to each of its soldiers in the late 1800s, with the intention of providing each soldier with effective means to open canned food and to disassemble and reassemble their standard service rifles . Updated by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 9/14/2020. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'knifebuzz_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',140,'0','0'])); Its other defining feature is the actual blade itself. With stainless steel implements like small and large knives, can/bottle openers, screwdrivers, and wood saw, this compact knife will save you a lot of hassle during your next camping trip. With a lightweight but durable build, this is perhaps the best Swiss army knife for camping. 1. Swiss knives are best known for how much they offer in how little a package, and it is the truest while in the outdoors. Can a Swiss army knife be used for self defense? A few seconds of use, however, and you’ll realize how wrong you are. Knives these days will come with high-tech offerings like LED lights, flash drives, and laser pointers. Nowadays, there are a number of other companies who make similar products, such as Leatherman and Gerber. The tools include the large blade, bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver, corkscrew, pliers, and many more. With 33 functions, you’ll find a tool for pretty much every occasion. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife; 2. From the world’s unofficial peacekeeping hippies comes a tool that is more than just a knife. Chances are that you’ve already seen one – it is those multipurpose pocket knives that pack a tremendous amount of tools and functions. Price is a huge factor as far as quality of these knives are concerned. With Leatherman’s Crater, you get a modern, sleek looking pocket knife that comes with some very handy tools. Read this guide and we'll review all of our favorite Swiss Army Knives, including the Classic SD, the Cadet, and more. Other knives by Victorinox on this list are versatile. The best Swiss army knife for you is the one that has all the features you need for your daily activities. Still, the quality of the nail clippers are more than enough to make the Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 worth having. The SwissChamp, however, is on an entirely different level – over thirty different functions are included! For the Swiss knife, these can range from screwdrivers and can openers to LED light, flash drive, and magnifying glass. At the same time, however, the Swiss Army Knife does give you a lot of versatility. For example, in 2006 Wenger brought out a knife called “The Giant”. While they sound exciting on paper, they often tend to falter within a couple of weeks. Versatility, alone, would not have been enough to give this knife its iconic place in culture. Copyright © 2017 by ​, 1. Although like most knives, there a few things you can do to make it even easier. Like it’s relative, the Tinker comes with a host of different tools. Fruits? For light use, carbon steel tools are good too. Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife, 2.Valtev Quality 13 Function Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife, 4.Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife, 5.Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, 9.Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife, 10.Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife, 11.Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool Pocket Knife with Pouch. 1. Or maybe you’re looking for a Swiss knife for a light camping trip? This 2.3-inch Swiss army knife is truly a perfect Swiss army knife for everyday use. 1. Multi-tools take that a step further by putting the right tool for a number of different tasks into one compact body. With two steel blades, screwdriver-tip blades, and a pretty compact size, this is the ultimate solution for your lightweight pocket knife needs. Honestly, I was a little surprised. The oldest and only authentic manufacturer of these knives is Victorinox. Although the price is on the higher end, the versatility that you get from this knife is remarkable. As its name implies, the Swiss Army Knife was developed for use by Swiss soldiers. The clippers were incredibly sharp the first time I tried them out. Your needs should determine the type of knife to buy, not the other way around. All-in-all, the Executive is a Swiss Army Knife that is perfect for anyone looking for a strong and practical pocket knife. But sometimes, you want to have versatility without any of the bulk or weight that comes with it. The Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 is perfect when it comes to keeping your finger nails in good condition. Swiss Army knives are legendary for their versatile use and handy design. There’s a saying that of all the Victorinox models, the Farmer is the most Swiss of them all, and when you see it in person, you instantly realize why. BEST SWISS ARMY KNIVES. The price, however, can be a major turn-off. These days a Swiss army knife is really more of a category than a single type of knife. Opening a Swiss Army Knife may seem like a complex task, but most are designed to allow you easy access to the inner tools. While the basic ones are priced reasonably, the best ones may cost quite a lot. It comes with ten different tools that all serve a different purpose. The birth of the Swiss Army Knives changed the game of knife … At the same time, there are a few tools that most Swiss Army Knives will usually have. These are the most common tools and uses of the Swiss Army Knife: A Swiss Army Knife has a lot of practical uses. Swiss company Victorinox is recognized around the world and is famous for the production of Swiss army knives, watches, and cutlery. Luckily, this does go away in time. To make sure that you invest in the right army knife for you, there are a few important factors that you should consider: Purpose: knowing why you want your Swiss Army knife will help you decide what types and models to focus on. It’s a weighty knife that feels solid and capable in your hands. The incredible stories span from cutting fishnets while being dragged into the sea by large catches, to actually fixing loose rail line connections to save the lives of hundreds. Picking out the best Swiss army knife really comes down to where and how you intend to use it. Specifically designed for outdoor use, the implements of this one includes small and large knives, can/bottle openers, screwdrivers and wood saw. The most common of these is a knife – usually straight, but can also be serrated on occasion. The SWITCHEDGE is the best swiss army knife that won’t break the bank. 1. A Swiss Army Knife is a useful tool, but it’s important to respect it as you would any other dangerous item. Use this one of a kind complete comparison chart to find out Best victorinox army knife for travel that meets your need. The Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Pocket Knife may not seem like much at first glance. The most durable and long-lasting tool material is stainless steel, for both indoor and outdoor use. Just one of the most effective Swiss Army Knife to turn out from is The Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool is the Best Swiss Army Knife Ever. The overall length is … Surprisingly small yet functional, this sleek little knife is the perfect pocket knife for everyday use. Overall, despite this, the Tinker is a very strong Swiss Army Knife that is well worth the low price. The very basic multi tool, or Swiss Army Knife, as we should call it, is the Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Pocket Tool. A big mistake many buyers make while buying a new knife is that they buy a knife for its features only, without thinking if it’s the best knife for EDC or not (EDC stands for Everyday Carry, by the way). The Swiss Army Knife is versatile. Talk about true multitasking, right? That depends on the country you’re talking about. Each is also made with very durable stainless steel. I realized that if I were to choose a single tool to bring anywhere, a Swiss knife would be it. A tool that has the functionality that you are looking for. The Swiss Army knife is generally most recognizable in it’s red form though as you would expect there are plenty of other styles available today and black is increasingly popular. materials The materials with which it has been manufactured are the basis that makes a knife quality or not. The Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife is the best Swiss Army Knife if you want a compact tool with lots of functionality. Vegetables? Check. If it’s for everyday use, a few tools like a nail file, tweezers, and toothpick will do. As for brands, the oldest Swiss knife makers are Victorinox and Wenger from Switzerland. Overall, the SwissChamp is well worth spending your hard-earned money on. With 15 functions suited for everyday use, outdoor use, and particularly for emergencies, this is a must-have for any enthusiast. 2 Victorinox EvoGrip S18 Swiss Army Knife – Best Swiss Army Knife for Backpacking; 3 Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool CS Plus Multi-Tool – Best for Functionality; 4 Victorinox One-Hand Trekker – Best Swiss Army Knife for Survival; 5 Victorinox SwissCard Lite Pocket Muti-Tool – Best Swiss Army Knife For Everyday Carry Unfortunately, the Tinker does have a couple of flaws. Lush: Many of the modern Swiss Army knives supplant the corkscrew for other optional tools, but since this piece of gear is meant for hunters, it focuses on the most important part of any hunting trip: The drinking. Every Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is made in Switzerland, and carries a lifetime warranty. With a whopping 33 functions, you’ll find a tool for pretty much every occasion. Overall, this is a very good knife that is well worth having. Although some of the tools have a more practical use than others, as a whole, the versatility is hard to beat. For instance, the Multi-Tool comes with ten different tools – a Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, wire stripper, and a few others too. The Swiss Army Executive Knife is practical to use. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'knifebuzz_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_4',156,'0','0'])); Unlike other Swiss Army Knives, however, the Executive comes with very few extravagant tools. The Swiss Army Knife has earned its popularity for a reason. If not for this the Swiss Army Knife wouldn’t have gained as much traction as it has. The handle is made using rugged polyamide scales for some extra durability. We suggest you stick to the basic knives just to be on the safe side. SwissChamp Swiss Army Multi-Tool The final verdict is that the Huntsman Pocket Knife is the Best Swiss Army Knife of 2020. Victorinox Swisschamp Multi-Tool (Ruby), 91mm (53506), Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife (Black),111mm, Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife Standard Issue, 111mm, Model Number: 0.8461.MWCH-033-X1, Swiss Army One-Hand Sentinel Pocket Knife, The 7 Best Swiss Army Knife Picks From Victorinox In [currentyear], Amazingly versatile – over thirty different tools, Lightweight and smaller than you would expect, Made with durable, high-quality materials, Blade lock is placed in an awkward position, Has multiple tools built-in including a blade lock, Blades are narrow and not great for heavy work, Comes with a large amount of versatile tools, Price is budget-friendly considering the quality, Solid construction with a hefty feel to it, Some tools can be stiff and hard to pull out, Nail file may be too rough for some people, Blade with spear point tip for cutting and slicing. I love cooking & this blog is a small effort of mine to guide others on a healthy cooking habit. Best Swiss Army Knife Android Central 2020 Swiss Army knives are the perfect option to carry with you camping, hiking, or just for everyday use. Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife; 2.Valtev Quality 13 Function Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife; 3.Klein Tools 1550-2 Pocket Knife It’s times like these where the Swiss Army Knife earns its reputation as a versatile tool that is easy to carry anywhere you go. The 7 Best Swiss Army Knife Picks From Victorinox In 2020 Without further ado, here are the best options from Victorinox, the makers of the original and exceptional Swiss Army Knives. It may not be of much use directly, but you could easily find other uses for one and avoid having to deal with such a direct confrontation in the first place. Best Overall Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool SwissChamp Pocket Knife Both the blade and handle are made with strong and high-quality material for a durable result. As for our recommendations, the SwissChamp from Victorinox is a top-notch knife with all the premium features the Swiss manufacturer has come to be famous for. Cost, like size and function, comes with trade-offs that are important to understand. The nail file was also better than I expected. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Swiss Army Knife without having an actual knife – although, some styles like the Swiss Army Nail Clip do lack one. Even if I wasn’t a knife collector, the SwissChamp would definitely have a place in my toolbox. I am a 30 year old mom blessed with two Beautiful children! Are you looking for best Swiss army knife for survival? The rest of it, however, isn’t to be underestimated. We've all seen a Victorinox knife before, but which Swiss Army knife is the best of the best? Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife This might be the best quality Swiss Army knife with this level of versatility and functionality. The Best Swiss Army Knife; 1Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife; 2Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife; 3Victorinox EvoGrip 18; 4Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Multi-Tool Folding Pocket Knife; 5Victorinox 54874 Trekker Swiss Army Knife; 6Victorinox Pioneer Alox Swiss Army Knife; 7Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife; 8Victorinox Pioneer This list comes from my years of dealing with them, and I am pretty sure some of the picks would suit your taste just perfect. Nearly any Swiss Army Knife will usually have a variety of tools: Screwdrivers, nail files, can openers, and much more. October 10, 2017. Be a smart buyer, and examine the tools carefully with your needs in mind before buying. You can use the tin cutters, the blades, or even the lockpicking implements to get your job done. That depends, are you someone looking for the perfect balance of price and function? Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife, 1. Pro: Multiple handle styles Con: Interior tends to get dirty. It’s unique. Some versions come with different tools, however. The Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster is primarily designed as a multi tool for outdoor use, including camping, gardening, hiking, fishing, bushcraft… This makes it a perfect companion in any type of survival scenario.. I still remember the time when I lost my entire toolbox during a camping trip, and still managed to survive a whole week with possibly the best Swiss army pocket knife I had in my side pocket. A small knife may be easy to store, but the tools that it comes with will be equally as small. The Swiss Army Soldier Multi-Tool is, as you would expect, a very versatile pocket knife. With a sleek build designed for heavy outdoor use, you get a couple of blades, screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, and wood saw with this one. All are made of stainless steel and provide basic tools for day to day use. I cut fish and meat, set up tents, and at one point, even opened the display of my wristwatch after water leaked into it during a careless swimming trip. The Swiss army knife was first developed by the Swiss knife maker Karl Elsener back in 1884 and its intended purpose was to serve the nation’s military. The Swiss Army Knife is fairly unique in the realm of knives. Edwin is the man behind this website who has an inexplicable love for high-quality knives. For unsurpassed quality and expert craftsmanship, the classic Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox Swiss Army is a “must-have” multi-functional tool. During the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, doctors even performed surgery on a distressed victim with this knife, believe it or not! Hi this is Patricia Smith! Victorinox Fieldmaster (Best Everyday Carry Knife)Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster from: Blade HQ. The SwissChamp from Victorinox is a classic knife that has all the premium features the Swiss manufacturer has to offer. Everyday Carry. Best Swiss Army Knife For Hiking in 2020 Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Evolution 18 Pocket Knife, Red BESTSELLER NO. But there can only be one real winner. Some of the tools, for instance, are stiff and difficult to pull out. This high-quality and comfortable Multi-Tool pocket knife is well worth the high price. It’s especially apparent when you take into account the quality of the materials that this knife is made from. The first is the Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife. No, just as important is the reliability that a Swiss Army Knife brings to the table. Pretty much all Swiss knives come with some basic tools, and from there on the functions tend to diversify tremendously. Because of this, it’s usually fairly easy to find a reliable Swiss Army Knife. All the multi-tools mentioned above are one of the best in some sense. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can chop vegetables, fruits, and whatnot with a trusted knife. The Best Swiss Army Knives For Survival | An Iconic Tool In Your Pocket. Aside from the lock release which is awkwardly placed, the Sentinel is quite the pocket knife. Before buying your knife, make sure to check the relevant laws of your country. For example, in the US, you can carry these knives with blades smaller than 2.5 inches without any hassle, while the measure is 3 inches in the UK. Did you know there are Swiss knives out there with laser pointers and flash drives these days? This 111mm body Swiss Army Knife became the new Soldier’s Knife in 2008 – replacing the 1961 Soldier’s Knife (or the Pioneer in the civilian market) with a larger, more robust and ergonomic knife for the military market. Buying a good quality swiss army knife carry on needs a lot of research and patience. It’s a little stiff and was hard to open at first, although the stiffness did go away after a few uses. Our Top Pick for the Best Swiss Army Knife Our top pick for the best swiss army knife is the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife . If you are looking for one of the best Swiss Army knives, consider one of these in the buying guide below. 81 Likes 65 Comments 42 Shares EDC is all about having the right tool for the job. Not only that, but each of these tools is also made with high-grade and premium materials that keep the knife lightweight. Also, there are so many Swiss army knives from different brands, but the best ones are from reputable brands like Victorinox and Wenger. The Trekker is incredibly versatile with twelve different functions built-in. For example, the tools that a specific style brings. Their knives are usually long-lasting, and pretty effective. What kind of tools would you be needing the most? It’s practical. In the case of the Swiss Army Knife, that means Switzerland-based company Victorinox. It has a sleek design and is made of stainless steel. In that case, it’s not uncommon to choose a knife with a lower price that still has the tools you want. These include a twin edge serrated/straight blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, and carabiner clip. So, to help people choose a new Swiss Army knife – whether it’s their first or the 50th – I have compiled a list of the best Swiss Army knife you can buy right at this moment. Victorinox Hiker; Different Types of Knives; The 11 Best Swiss Army Knife Reviews. Some, such as the SwissChamp, have a massive amount of tools. There are hundreds of different versions available in the market with many different yet useful features for you. With 13 tools and a durable stainless steel build, you can take this knife to regular fishing and camping trips without any worry. With the SwissChamp Pocket Knife, we step into elite Victorinox territory. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'knifebuzz_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',153,'0','0'])); There is a pocket clip attached to the rear of the knife and a key ring near the bottom. Like the Swiss Army Soldier, the Tinker is a very versatile pocket knife. Or do you need a simple, everyday tool that can perform a few basic functions? It is specifically designed for outdoor use, and can withstand quite the wear and tear while offering a high level of reliable performance every time. A less confusing version of the SwissChamp, the Climber from Victorinox comes with all the good of the previous one while being light and practical enough for the harsh outdoors. Are the gimmicky, tech-heavy knives worth it. The Swiss Army Knife is a key product of the company. With how small most Swiss Army Knives are, nearly any other knife could easily be a better choice too. * ​​​​Welcome to the Best Swiss Army Knife Guide. Its versatility, however, is only part of the whole story. When it comes to practicality, the Victorinox Hiker is hard to rival. It comes with an LED light, and tools like a blade, screwdriver, nail file, scissors, key ring, and a retractable pen. The best one to pick up is … But at the same time, it’s because of these same tools that the Swiss Army Knife has become a cultural icon. Many variants also come with an aluminum oxide (alox) handle which is typically the best choice for most outdoorsmen. But maybe you’re someone looking for practicality instead? But if you prefer something closer to home, the American-made Leatherman and Valtev are good too. The product that we have chosen are … Of all the tools Victorinox makes, one of the most practical ones is the Hiker. With a new iteration of these tools, you can even get a laser pointer or a flash drive. If you’re the type that regularly spends time outdoors, you know the value that a knife can bring. Another great knife from Victorinox, the Hiker was specially designed with outdoor use in mind. This behemoth had all the tools the company ever produced – 87 in all. What is the best material for knife tools? Oh, its nylon pouch makes it the best Swiss army knife for EDC too! You’ll also get standard Victorinox features like stainless steel build and lifetime guarantee. Specifically, it’s one of the few styles of knives that is only really produced by a single company. Size, likewise, is another thing to look out for. From setting up tents to cutting up fish or small pieces of wood, the finest swiss knife for survival will deliver every time.