All Rights Reserved ~ Equal Opportunity Provider Allocation Tags available for both Archery and Any Weapon “Rifle” Elk Hunts. Conditioning may not be the ultimate answer to hunting success but it will have a part in it. That does nor mean that a hunter wishing to successfully hunt an elk can make lots of noise. Due to the increasing popularity of Elk meat and our herd management needs, we sometimes offer special discounts on Cow Elk hunts. While a cow elk does not have trophy antlers, they do provide a tremendous amount of meat, holding most hunters over until another hunting season arrives in the fall. Most people don’t realize there are free-ranging elk in Texas, but West Texas has a very healthy population of Rocky Mountain Elk and some of the best elk hunting in the country! I have hunted all my life and always loved it. Both of these elk hunts have private land and public land opportunities. Private Land Muzzleloader - Cow/Spike Hunt. The Native American name for elk is Wapiti, which means white rump. This process is not rushed. 4. In addition to bull elk hunts we also offer guaranteed cow elk hunts along with buffalo and other species. All bull elk and bison hunts include three nights’ lodging, meals, snacks, guide, field dressing, skinning, and other considerations. New Mexico Cow Elk Hunt Information Sheet Website is-- Hunt Info: $1050 to $1250 per hunter This is a 2.5 day hunt. These Texas Elk hunts can be conducted by safari style, spot and stalk, or blind hunting. Bureau of Land Management ~ State ~ Private ~ Lands, Outfitter and Guides for Big Game Hunting, Elk Hunts, Mule Deer Hunts, Whitetail Deer Hunts, Antelope Hunts, Bighorn Sheep Hunts, Fly Fishing, Pack-trips and Long Range Shooting Schools, Copyright 2020 © Best of the West Outfitters, LLC, Here is a guide on how to apply for the Leftover License Draw, Elk, Deer, Bear and Moose. For archers, our elk season begins in September. Here you get the rare opportunity to elk hunt during the peak of the rut. Requires Conservation Stamp The average bull elk harvest scores were 270. Amount to be remitted includes nonrefundable $15.00 application fee | Online application service total will include a 2.5% processing fee | All applications, must be submitted by midnight mountain standard time (MST) on the deadline date | An applicant must be at least eleven (11) years old at the time of submitting an application to purchase a preference point and must be at least twelve (12) years old by December 31 of that year | All prices are subject to State taxes, 3% Forest Service and/or BLM Use Fee | All are subject to change at any time. All adjoining fields of corn and soybeans. Camper hook ups on Ranches. The price of these guaranteed tags are the same. These rifle elk hunts are done in a mix of public and private land on the farmland fringe using calling and spot and stalk tactics. DIY Hunting Maps are also offered for D0-It-Yourself hunters who want to know where to hunt on their own. 5. A New Mexico cow elk hunt is a great way to spend a weekend in the outdoors and fill the freezer. The outfitter also offers great cow elk hunts for $2,000 for three days fully guided with meals and accommodations for October and November hunts. Elk requires more food to stay warm during these conditions. Cow Elk hunting in Wyoming is one the most sought-after meat hunts for migratory and free ranging big game animals in the state to pursue. We are in the heart of aspen, spruce and alpine park country, big canyons and breathtaking high country beauty in all directions. Cows and calves are often found in large herds being wary, cagey, and can make for a very challenging hunt. They provide exciting hunts and make excellent table fare in what is an extremely healthy red meat. Elk that exit quickly will leave widely spaced sets of tracks because they jumped up and bounded away, whereas elk that did not leave in a hurry will usually leave evenly spaced tracks. Our success rate has been over 95% for the past 8 seasons, with 100% shot opportunities for our approximately 700 cow elk hunters. Cows and calves are often found in large herds being wary, cagey, and can make for a very challenging hunt. Many of our elk hunters also bring a bow so they can archery elk hunt in the surrounding area. 2 found us sneaking through an elk bedding area when my brother-in-law, Mitchell, stopped because he could see a bull … Private Land Cow Elk New Mexico – Unit 55 These are Guaranteed License hunts that occur on one of the largest ranches in northeastern New Mexico, which is 566,000 acres of totally private land. Come enjoy a true Guided Colorado Elk Hunt with Silver Spur Outfitters on quality private land. General, Season Dates: November 1 – November 23 My elk hunts in the Hill Country are even less strenuous than in West Texas and you typically have more opportunities at big bull elk than you would in West Texas. PBGSO Elk hunts in Texas allow our clients the opportunity to harvest trophy Elk ranging from 300″-500″. A typical day of elk hunting is spent traveling, glassing and hiking to various vantage points to look for elk. Animals usually score 150-170 for deer and 260 and up for elk. Send us a message to get notified when Sika are back; Fallow Doe: $1,000; 50% deposit required. Book early to get in on this deal. Multi weapon hunts are popular with elk hunters that like to maximize their opportunity. The hunt includes the landowner voucher, 2.5 days of guiding, and the field-dressing and transport of the elk when taken. We are already talking about coming back in the near future. PLO Cow Elk Hunts provide the opportunity to employ a variety of hunting methods ranging from spot and stalk, stalking on well used game trails, sitting over large willow choked river bottoms and vast fresh cut hay fields. It is important to remember the air is thinner at higher elevations than at sea level and getting enough oxygen for some is more difficult. Combo cow elk/deer hunt: one hunter per guide, $3,295 -two hunters/guide, $2,795 ea. The hunting method commonly used on an elk hunt is safari style and spot and stalk. Type 7 North of Middle Piney. We are always excited by an approaching bull elk. You will be hunting alpine bowls, timber areas, cedar breaks and sagebrush plains. We are hunting a 500,000 acre ranch west of Raton, New Mexico. They are fully guided with field dressing and skinning included. The bull-to-cow ratio is very high and this area consistently produces big numbers of trophy-quality bulls. Our hunting areas cover a wide variety of terrain, from scrub oak hills to dark timber covered mountains and canyons. Aug 31 st - Oct 31 st. Elk, Cow: $1,500; Sika Deer: $3,000 – SOLD OUT. We offer fully guided hunts for bulls from 300″ to bulls over 500″. License Fees and Application Deadlines for all big game species are set by Wyoming Game & Fish Department, purchased on the WG&FD website and are drawn by the WG&FD lottery system. Also, proper planning prevents poor performance; all the gear in the world will not make up for a shortfall in planning, experience, commitment or sound judgment. Day No. Permitee of ~ Bridger-Teton National Forest Our Big Game Camp is well stocked for your comfort and convenience. Salt Lake City UT. October through December: 1) Large numbers of elk 2) Limited hunting pressure 3) Large private ranches 4) High success ratio (nearly 100%) 5) Great family atmosphere 6) Perfect for father/youth hunts, couples, or friends 7) Excellent meat hunt (one of … In the last several years, the Colorado Division of Wildlife has been on a campaign to reduce the numbers of elk statewide, and the best way to do that is by harvesting cows, which also allows more bulls to grow up. Remember, locating elk from a distance and then planning a stalk is much easier than chasing them down after you stumble across them. Casper WY IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING LOOK NO FURTHER! Our time and efforts are focused on areas where we have historically found and recently located these herds in our scouting efforts. Examples: 30-06, 7 mm rm, .300 wsm, .300 wm, .300 rum, .338 rum are all excellent choices for elk. Elk & Cow Elk Hunting in Wyoming Wood River Ranch enjoys hunting rights at the base of Carter Mountain in Meeteetse, WY. Private Land Trophy Mule Deer Archery Hunts. (processing and tax not included) That's right, two Wilderness Hunts for this incredible price. Big Oak Elk Ranch. But hunting cow elk poses some interesting difficulties that you won’t encounter while hunting bulls, and if you’re not careful, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. Most bulls make the Boone and Crockett Club minimum, with multiple bulls ranked in the top 10 for B&C and SCI record books. This ranch is the epitome of elk country and have a native herd that continually produces trophy animals year after year. Elk Hunting Location. Bull elk hunts are 5 days and cow elk are 4, but these hunts can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Rocky Mountain Elk is a subspecies of elk found in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent ranges of Western North America. If the cold is accompanied by snow, it may force the elk to shift their feed and bedding areas thus becoming more visible as they move about. Most hunts will be two on one. Limited time offer: Cow elk hunts are available for $2,000 a piece, fully guided, lodging and food included. Ron and his family were excellent hosts and I couldn’t be happier with the hunt.