By reducing the air volume inside the fork, it will become harder to compress at the end of the travel and plusher at the start. What kind of fork is it? SERVICE INTERVALS » To best maintain the performance and durability of your product under normal use, FOX recommends that you have regular fork and shock maintenance performed according to the service intervals. Fork upgrade on entry-level hardtail 26er Hi there, This is my first post so let me just start by thanking everyone for the friendly community and great content exchanged here! The DW-32 is an excellent fork made by DNM. E-MTB upgrades – forks, brakes, dropper, etc. Specialized Pitch Comp Hardtail Upgrades in Specialized. I'm a beginner who just purchased a hardtail 26 (B'Twin rockrider 500 - Bicycle review: Rockrider 500 (2014) for a review). Fork Upgrade for hardtail? A decent fork with air springs, rebound and lockout can be had in the $250 – $500 price range. All of Fox and Manitou's forks, most Marzocchis and X-Fusions, as well as SR's higher end offerings have proper shimmed damping. chiefgrooveguru. RS XC dampers are usually some variation of the basic MoCo damper, and besides being lighter weight might not be any better than what the SR has. Which fork is best for your particular setup depends largely on the type of riding/discipline you prefer. The behavior of air forks can be further tuned by adding volume reducers (also called tokens or spacers). Sag, and why it’s so importantOtherwise known as static sag, it’s the amount the These are fitted inside one of the stanchions. Free Member. IT has 3-system damping. Going tubeless at least means shelling out for a pair of decent tubeless tyres and may also involve purchasing a tubeless conversion kit if … But if you’re plagued by pinch flats, tubeless is a Godsend. Personally I think this bike is a good value for what it is. I have a 2009 Specialized HardRock Sport Disc which has the factory SR Suntour SF8-XCT-V2 forks. Everything you need to know about general safety and installation of your fork. Go tubeless. DNM DW-32 Mountain Bike Fork. NigelMTB, I am the one with the black/red setup. The travel distance is 100mm exactly 3.9 inch. … Scroll down to see BikePerfect's roundup of the best mountain bike suspension forks available for XC, Trail, Enduro and Downhill riding you can buy. I'm looking for an upgrade that won't break the bank and is going to be compatible with the 9mm QR. 9. ... I’ve gone for a (medium-sized) large. This fork will fit perfectly with the 27.5-inch wheel. 455mm reach, same as my Spitfire full-sus and Zero AM hardtail. Coil forks can be tuned by installing a different weight spring. The material used for the crown is aluminum 6061 . 8. I will be honest that I have spent a ton on changing everything on my bike. These will be a bit heavier, and won’t have the coolest features like low-speed compression adjustment, remote lockout or adjustable travel, but they will work well and hopefully make a nice upgrade over the original you’re replacing. This is easier – and cheaper – said than done. Specialized Pitch Comp Hardtail Upgrades in Specialized.