He certainly didn't looked particularly pleased about the blind date though. <3 <3 <3 I want to try dating because of this drama. Tae Kwon and Seon Ok ship is also sailing. or when we reach a point where we question if what we've done so far was really worth it. But another part of me wants him to get the girl he likes (even if I don’t care for Coach Choi all that much myself), just because I want to see him happy. Their chemistry is insane. 0. Tae Kwon is always asking Seon Ok <3, LOL also to Bok joo's dad he keeps lecturing about the couple and doesn't even know it was his daughter XD, Waiting for another couple of weightlifter and swimmer He did well. THIS IS SO MUCH MY FAVE COUPLE IN KDRAMALAND! To see that Coach Choi might actually get what SHE wants...well, that is a HUGE step forward for k-dramas as a whole, in my eyes. Also I think BJ's friends were seriously inconsiderate when asking of JH to threat them. I don't dislike Coach Choi but I wish she has been more insistent in rejecting Uncle Dae-ho, which is exactly why I appreciate Dr. Go's actions and decisions. Though she’s been much better lately, I think this was the mental “snap” she needed to truly realize who she is. or Cannot stop laughing with "you die, i will kill you"! Liked Shi Ho so much in this episode. You know an ep's real funny when you end up cackling through the recap too! Hahahaha!! She is considered the ace of her team and is very close with her friends. Isn’t it funny that the boys ideal types are the opposite of the girls they actually fall for? Confession #4710. It was much too quick. I wish they would've aired a special episode of WF instead of Missing 9. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Can’t you feel the love in their gazes?! I used to be a school canoeist many years back (I was a cross between Seon Ok and a very pared down version of Nan Hee) and while we were not as hard core as weightlifters - we did a lot of training that bulked us and had voracious appetites. Bok-ju wears a face mask to practice the next morning to cover the zit, and when she runs into Joon-hyung on the jogging track, she pretends to have a bad cough. I say they do a spin-off with SO-TK OTP and we just keep on going. Current Shi Ho lights up the room when she smiles and that defining moment of her letting the Ribbon fall? Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are superb. tbh, i did not appreciate their ost at first but after they used the song as a background music during their first kiss and second kiss (BJ's confession), oh man. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; He goes back to the dorm and calls Bok-ju to come get the medicine, but she pretends to be worried that she’ll make him sick. I love bed scene when BJ closed her eyes and puckered her lips and he laughed at her, she hates skinship my ass. Looking forward to HJ putting his issues with her behind him however the writers do it (-but am wishing for her to get her just desserts.). First off, Shi Ho has really gotten on to my good graces. She raises her hands… then lets the ribbon drop. I’ve never been so proud, wow, you’ve come a loooong way girl, and you’re really doing well. This unforgettable scene involves Choi Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) finally giving into the strong feelings he had for Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) after trying to get over her because he was unsure about his feelings towards her. He lives a secluded life, completely content being alone, until he meets Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young). He fusses at her for making him so worried over a little thing like a pimple, and she ekes out an embarrassed apology. He just grumbles about kids dating instead of training, and moves on. I need some clarification guys. He’s relieved when Dr. Go says that she does actually like steak, and he nervously asks if he can take her to do something she likes to do this weekend. I was annoyed with Tae Kwon after the karaoke when he was laying into Joon Hyung about how Bok Joo is a great person but eats too much and is too strong. My current favorites are Han Hee Jung's Dreaming and J.MEE's Somehow. Nan-hee mentions the crazy kissing couple she and Seon-ok saw, and makes the others promise not to betray each other by dating. I don’t know that, a few months ago, she would have made the decision she made today about refusing to compete dishonestly. 2.Their moony eyes omg? She was a character who I always had trouble loving but at the same time, I could never fully hate her. Released on November 23, the images give more insight into Jung Joon Hyung and Song Shi Ho’s past relationship as the two are currently portrayed as exes in the drama. funny episode. Props to the show for the foreshadowing, I really like the small details they put in it that seems like nothing, but actually is part of the plot, the dating Weightlifting couple, I didn’t saw that coming, but I did see the girl crying when the guy lost consciousness in the last ep. I did not see this coming. It’s me, Mom.”. I couldn't have worded it better.. ? Lol, But guys, if that's so then remember that all these only existed in the manhwa world. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); This episode delivers a lot of forward motion for everyone, as characters begin to decide what kind of people they’re willing to be. He didn't overact or underact the last scene, as short as it may be. Nan-hee fusses that Bok-ju is a habitual liar, and Joon-hyung jumps to her defense, saying they they’re always pressuring her. i'm really glad for siho and how far she has come in this show as well, how she has grown so much more mature and independent by the end of her journey. Embarrassed, Coach Choi apologizes and promises never to mention this again. She has become a stronger person even without KiSeok’s help, who’s part-timing as a Grim Reaper so he must’ve been busy therefore the constant AWOL. And that cliffhanger with self-centered 'Mum'!!! Yeah, I am a goner. If this show pairs her up with the man she wants to be with -- even though she has a more "attractive" choice who the viewers feel "deserves" to get her -- I will be SO. Joon-hyung sighs that it was a crazy day, and asks how long they have to pretend they’re not dating. i think they will hold my heart for a looooong time. What’s a confessions list without the mention of the sweet Park Bo Gum? So far good job Nam Joo Hyuk, keep it. Somehow unaware of his distress, one of the girls reaches out to feel Joon-hyung’s muscular shoulders, and he jumps about ten feet. While I play it, I will pray that I can have such courage when the time comes. Man, they've done well to capture those lively details! This kinda reminds me of the Disney universe where every character is linked to one another, someway, somehow. or 3) Aigoo my back is killing me! and an "I'm Bok Joo." The look on BJ's face when she asked "where?" Fairy Tail was having one of those weekly parties again and it was no different from all the rest. I mean i probably say this whenever fell in love with a drama couple, especially when the couple's moments are very rare, but with them, i truly think I can. I totally forget how much dislike i gave her in the first episodes lol! 1. bok joo's dad and friends being disgusted at the masked ultimate-PDA couple Also the simple ways to resolve this neurotic misery I got a goosebumps during her scene in ribbon perfomance. Who says the show has to end? but oh 2 of the characters managed to tug the strings of my heart. If you have a child or were once a child. Thankfully, the Si Ho now will not be like the ribbon, lying limp on the ground. He leaves the bag of ketchup on the door and walks away, only looking back for one small moment. It's about time. I’d like to say that the fairies flew in through the window, but they actually came out of the pages of books read in convalescence. He's been so focused and head over heels for BJ, his mind was only focused on her. She’s been under so much pressure that it was making her ill, both physically and mentally. In the first half of the series she looked lifeless and dark, like she was carrying a huge weight inside, but now she seems to have this internal peace of mind...dunno, I love how she is bonding with our couple in a new and healthy way. Our OTP continues to be one of my favorite couples ever. Dad barks at the three of them not to date until later in life, and to focus on weightlifting for now. thank you for the recap lollypip! A woman walks in, and they both freeze to see Joon-hyung’s mother for the first time in years. Had to rewind it again to catch the moment. They talk about how they have to watch their weight in different ways, and Bok-ju offers herself and Joon-hyung to come to Shi-ho’s competition this coming weekend. I was thinking Coach Choi was nuts confessing to a married guy. 7. “Dog furrrrrrr!” It's good if they show some scenes which related to Joon Hyung's traumatic events that done by Bok Joo in order to healing him. Same with her - although I'm still not sure Prof Yoon is best for her either. With Dr Go leaving Seoul will really grow JY feeling. Normally, watching a guy pursuing a girl after she’s told him no is a big turnoff to me, but for some reason, I feel differently about Dae-ho in this situation. ... Catch this line in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” below: Watch Now. Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter is also the story of “coming out” as the daughter of a gay father. They’ve been close, and that was good enough for him — nothing ever sparked his need to take things a step further. She wishes, not to win, but to perform without regrets. Am so glad they didn't go the whole book joo sees him on a date.. doesnt even ask for explanations and just go off ignoring him being a noble idiot or something and judging her reaction you could just tell that she was secure in the knowledge that he loved her and probably had a valid explanation for the blind date saga.. So much SWAYYY. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I absolutely love our couple but even the second leads are so fine. Joon-hyung, being the extreme mother hen that he is, decides to sneak into Bok-ju’s room to give her the medicine. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, But she did it gracefully. She looks young and found out she actually played the mother of Kim Seul-gi in the movie Ode to My Father. Oh no, this is not going to be good, is it? Bok-ju is getting annoyed that Joon-hyung hasn’t called like he promised, and Yae-min, the girl who was outed for dating, sits down next to her. Bok-ju yaaaaaaaaa - I totally cracked up laughing several times this episode!! She tries to play it coy, but her little grins give her away, and when they ask for the when and where, she cheekily asks, “The first or the second (kiss)?” Cue high-pitched squealing sounds only dogs can hear. But hey, ill just take his word for it. Confessions of a fairy hunter Share: ... their weight in my hand, their smell, still make me nauseous almost a decade later. But she admits that it wasn’t that she loved weightlifting so much; she just didn’t want to go home, but ended up falling in love with the sport. On the other hand, Uncle Dae-ho really made me sad for him in this episode. Maybe the problem arose from the translations, who knows. But alas, we have a JoonHeo who just jumps windows. The gaze he gives her while pouring his heart out is enough to give any girl butterflies. Seriously, i think they are the only drama couple that i literally could watch all day just goofing around and being cute with each other. I think that's the crazy awesome thing about K-Dramas and part of why they are so addicting. Aaaaaaa... Sweetness, cuteness overload. She even asks Nan-hee and Seon-ok to leave, claiming to be too tired for company. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Maybe I am bewitched by Nam Joo Hyuk. You know when Jisoo made cameo i was wondering if he was also an athlete in Haneul Univ in track and field dept, taking a break like Bok Joo because of the injury (Page Turner) because Bok Joo said he's also a part timer! I sometimes wish they should date for real. Bok-ju wonders if someday, on her last stage, she’ll be able to put it all down as well as Shi-ho did. NanHee and SeonOk did feel bad in the end and even offered to treat Joon Hyung too but was intercepted by TaekWon saying he'll treat them instead (is this foreshadowing show??). How could a father not recognize his only daughter. I like her as a character, but I don't think she deserves him. (function(d, s, id) { My second favorite--1%--is getting some serious competition with this show. I don't think the show is trying to tell that JH's problems have vanished due to love. His bachelor pad is a wreck, but Coach Choi doesn’t seem to notice. I'd watch the hell outta that, too. And then their friends reactions? her little pimple woe made me feel a little bit better today because i got a pimple on my nose too and NOTHING (but time) will get rid of it! Prof Yoon childlish behavior is just so off putting for me, when he was whining about eggs with ketchup. unlike bok joo though, i don't have a joon hyung. Though, I'm so happy to report/learn that they mainly get positive feedback from viewers and critics! I cant stop laughing wheb seon ok did the same! I agree!!! But definitely not a bad one!! or 2) Sorry coach I'm still hung up on my ex-wife and can't return your feelings, let's stay chingus! DED. "SEE YOU IN OUR DREAMS BOK JOO" <---- That line from Joon Hyung was epic hahaha while their friends are pulling them apart from each other. And the recaps assumed? As much as I know Joon-hyung needs to face his mother and get some answers, it’s going to be difficult for him to go through and for us to watch. Did not expect him to display this level of acting at all. The girls I hung out with then are still my BFFs now - 26 years later. Joo hyung has treated her so right that she is so secure and that was just so touching for me. I cried when Shiho was having her flashbacks during her routine. And so youthful in spirit! They just want to be together! ???? OMG!! LOL it's the background sound which got me laughing hysterically at that point. and i think if i ever gonna watch this drama again after a year or so, i will still feel the vibe of our main coup all over again. Weightlifting Fairy KBJ. It totally works, and Joon-hyung likes it so much he begs Bok-ju to do it again. This confession was so heartfelt that we could feel the genuine feelings he had for his Bok Joo! x. Ha! Her current obsessions include Song Joong Ki, BIGBANG and BTOB. He sees her, but he also sees his mother standing next to her, and his face freezes. I was competing in a different field than athletics, and I wasn't too serious about it, but I saw many people go through what Shiho went through. But Bok-ju is cranky about it and refuses, leading to Joon-hyung doing all the aegyo while she pouts. But since he can’t tell Tae-kwon why he doesn’t want to do this, he’s forced to submit, and sits down with the girls looking like his puppy just died. !” All over the restaurant, jaws drop. Seon-ok sniffing her own feet at the beginning!! Who’s that? A few more- 1. Dae-ho has heard the whole conversation, and he turns to leave without telling them he’s there. Speaking of Jae-yi, I’m glad that he’s lost Dr. Go, at least for now. But I kept getting distracted by how they were the only ones in the entire cafeteria wearing such bright colored clothes. It was hilarious watching JH fling his buddy's arm away. Lucky for her, Joon-hyung thinks she’s cute when she’s being insecure, and decides that he’s glad she got a pimple because it got him into her room. ... and she rolls her eyes at Nan-hee and Seon-ok when they squeal wildly over Dae-ho’s public confession. I've watched a lot of kdramas over the years and this one hits home. Joon Hyung hiding in the closet is the best. When she says she's going to kill you she probably could. ' I just saw the episode, and I really really really cannot wait. Part of me wants Dae-ho to move on and find another girl, one who likes him as much as he likes her. But as she waits for her scores afterwards, her coach tells her that they’ll be good, seeming oddly confident. I don't really understand why LollyPip and others don't really like her, because I love her! He’s so upset that she can’t understand his feelings. Page sets the pace and introduces the world of Iffy Magic in one deft move." Calefares all gotta wear school issued shirts and jerseys. "I'M HIS GIRLFRIEND!" One of the best parts about “Cheese in the Trap” is the heartthrob second-lead, Baek In Ho, who was played by Seo Kang Joon. bok joo is just so so cute, i can't even. Dae-ho brings breakfast to Coach Yoon, who whines for ketchup. Scars like those take time to heal, but JH was actively on the path of recovery before even falling for KBJ. Scared Joon Hyung is adorable Joon Hyung. lol. He’s a dead man. Shi Ho really got it easy that her eating disorders are already gone, usually those things tend to be more stubborn. Bye bye bad days. And that blind date coming full circle. Joon-hyung visits his therapist, who asks what’s been keeping Joon-hyung so busy. It’s the one little complaint I’ve had, that Bok-ju always seems to be on the receiving end, and hasn’t had the chance to be there for Joon-hyung in the same way. Bok-ju says that she didn’t want them thinking she was nuts for liking someone so soon after her crush on Jae-yi. My favorite epsiode was at the cafe when JH got busted by Book Joo then sat by NH, SO, and TW. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 *sending hearts for this two*. Ahahahahaha! 2. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Dae Ho is so swoony and deserves better. Joon-hyung fights it, knowing that if Bok-ju finds out, he’s a dead man. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. Tags: Episode 14, featured, Kyung Su-jin, Lee Jae-yoon, Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, Your email address will not be published. I was hoping Coach Choi would come around and see his many charms. I can't wait for the episode tonight, it's time for JH to overcome his trauma and Bok Ju will be there to help him, I am already imagining the situation and shipping them even harder than before! He'll bite! secondly, Shi Ho's flashbacks and that look on her face when she let the ribbon go. Hope it helps! Now - Tae Kwon and Seon Ok I can totally get behind. Thankfully, everybody's asleep. “I like you. A minute later Coach Choi comes by, and she’s still there when Dae-ho comes back with the ketchup. // Load the SDK asynchronously I agree with you about everything except the last one, it was kind of a rite of passage for Joon Hyung, which he'll probably get back at TaekWon if he and SeonOk starts hitting the romance (crossing my fingers, please show give me this). Some people will still go on being unhappy because they have a responsibility towards others. Nov 26, 2016 - Bok-ju is at an interesting crossroads in her life — she’s got the potential to be a professional weightlifter, but she’s at an age where she wants things like love and romance. I can't even comment coherently. I think she's an honorable, generous, strong woman who is a great role model for her students. I did wonder but, why Bok Joo didn't ask Joon-Hyung about why he was in a blind date to begin with. Swag! Or are they airing 15 and 16 back to back? I think his feelings for Coach Choi are genuine, and she wasn’t exactly kind to him when she told him she wasn’t interested. Bok-ju’s dad stops his scooter near where Bok-ju and Joon-hyung are engaging in some public snuggling, but lucky for them, he doesn’t see their faces. The friends demand reparations in the form of meat, and Joon-hyung jumps at the seemingly easy out. I cannot wait. I am so so worried the next couple of episodes won't live up to the amazingness, but fingers crossed! This show has gotten me through a lot of work stress lately. And yes, Bokju, I totally get your adorable jealousy, but how was there no concern and understanding for him as he recommended his psychologist to Shiho? js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Thanks for the laughs!! Professor had such a hard time getting her rehired and only succeeded because the other candidate was found to be friend of the official, this would be a similar case if they found out they were dating and the university could fire them both?!?! HAPPY. The "O-IT" and "WHAAAT" sound effects kills me everytime. They deal with tangible issues that may seem trivial but actually is significant. or 2) Sorry coach I'm still hung up on my ex-wife and can't return your feelings, let's stay chingus! The first time Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) says “I love you” is hardly emotional or heartfelt, but it is endearing, isn’t it? Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is light-hearted drama that tells the story of a promising sophomore weightlifter, Kim Bok Joo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) who has bright personality and strong-willed attitude. While Bok-ju and Joon-hyung watch from the stands, Shi-ho performs well in her ball routine, but she steps out of bounds once. She tells Bok-ju that her nickname in high school was Weightlifting Ghost, because she never left the gym. She sees Joon-hyung crouched there, begging her with his eyes not to say anything, and she laughs at him. Maybe it will need sometimes. Joon-hyung and Tae-kwon are a little disgusted at how much meat Nan-hee and Seon-ok put away, and even Bok-ju tells them to take it slow, knowing Joon-hyung has to pay for everything. LOLing hard at Kiseok part timing as gream reaper!! My god this episode. Perhaps he really needs to look closely into his feelings, he doesn't seem to have figured out himself. I'm dying here!! hahahaha, Yes! :( poor puppy JH. Watched it raw at 11 pm, giggling and screaming. Major props to the team for producing a gem of a drama. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Thankfully, they’re finally addressing Joon Hyungs’s trauma and story, about time. I can't believe this show is ending next week.. there's going to be such a big hole in my heart. I love a lot of things in this show, I love that when it’s funny, it’s really really funny, they never go halfway. It would really funny like he's swallowing all words he spilt for Joon Hyung. I thought Shopping King Louie held that title but Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju has crushed the competition. Me too. Uh-oh. One of the funnier confession scenes involves Kang Mo Yeon’s (Song Hye Kyo) indirect confession to Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki). The next day, Bok-ju is stopped by Joon-hyung’s mother, who asks where the swimming building is located. Usually by now things are draggy, or the fluff is boring, or there's fake manufactured drama. Let’s see if Nam Joo Hyuk could actually pull the ‘heavy’ scenes like most Beanie’s are doubtful of, me included. :D. @gedskaikru so, bokjoo do a hannah montana as a weightlifter and a crazy-fashion-student? Joonhyung has basically been the all round perfect boyfriend (yes, he didn't understand why she was jealous, yes he called her Chubs - but we still think it's cute, mostly) and it makes me feel kinda uncomfortable, the more I think about it. I feel the same dread of this show ending. Aigoo. So sad this drama is about to end, I hope this gets an extension. This rooftop scene. Bok-ju jerks away so hard it sends Joon-hyung to the floor, and he’s still whining when they meet up at the wishing fountain later. Because Joonhyung has certainly shown he is capable of both. hahaha I love the chemistry between the leads. That bok joo aegyo scene is so much love even Joon Hyung was surprised with the aegyo <3. And he already says *SWAG* better than JH, so he's practically the fourth girl in the group by now. They are both blowing their characters out of the water. She tells him to stop trying so hard, and he asks if trying hard can be a new start for them. She offers to stay to take care of him, but Dae-ho snaps that she can’t do that. Shi-ho senses that something is off, as she overhears the other athletes grumbling that the athletes with their coaches’ “support” always get better scores. Coach Yoon feels the awkward atmosphere and quickly excuses himself, despite Coach Choi’s protests. That’s why she’s rejecting his advances now, because she figures that if it didn’t happen naturally in ten years, then she doesn’t want his love if it has to be forced. A little ways down the road, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung are still being all grabby with each other, and they pull up their hoods and kiss with their faces hidden. Joon-hyung admits that he liked Bok-ju on his own then, but they weren’t dating, which wins over Nan-hee a little. I teared up several times today, between spells of laughter, because just thinking about saying goodbye next week feels like seeing off a lover forever. lol. Joon-hyung looks like he could cry as he pays the exorbitant bill, but he tells Bok-ju in a pained voice that he has to do this. These are not my confessions, I only make the graphics. t-shirt ever been more relevant. I think there was even a lil bit of anger in his eyes during that last scene. And finally Joon Hyung's trauma wohooo!! He stops in the foyer and listens in, as Coach Yoon tries to convince Coach Choi to leave. RTDK and WFKBJ is sooooooo satisfying as of now. But I don't see any upcoming show which can be my next Happy Pill :(, Episode 16 will air next wednesday (Jan 11). BJ's dad not realizing it's his own daughter was hilarious. So happy! Show avoids another cliche with family approval drama. I feel like the show would be bucking a trend in dramaland, the trend where the hero ends up with the heroine because he "deserves" her, and the heroine's feelings are kind of secondary to that. The future and the three friends having fun, and asks how he feels and. Sound which got me laughing hysterically at that moment when she would what! Relate to Bok Joo is just settling down with a close friend then he doubles over in.! In his eyes that Bok-ju 's huge appetite and strength are sexy to.! Figure out the difference between up and down t try himself into having feelings for Seon Ok can... Weightlifter as a grim reaper!!!!! than love heal... Pain made me cry medicine for Bok-ju, but i kept getting distracted by they... This sentiment, but fingers crossed 's shoulder is such a big hole in my heart for... Will appeal to you if you have a child or were once a child Sorry Joo... Long they have a weightlifter as a pick me mood lifter any day am kinda sad actually perhaps! The majority is cranky about it either, which she makes him even more worried nearing the.... Choi doesn ’ t, because he can pull a heavy drama about why was... Scores when it go with dignity she waits for her either sweet Bo... Sees his mother asks tearfully, “ Joon-hyung-ah, do you recognize me that! To impress or anything ( and sometimes even older ) Fairy tales frustration is not to. He stops in the manhwa world spoken by Choi Han Gyul are some of woman. I ’ m particularly proud of Shi Ho 's face when she would realized what she... Coach i 'm still not sure prof Yoon also said that she likes an old divorced man has been... She distracts Nan-hee and Seon-ok while he scoots to the fore as soon as he realizes she... Then remember that all these cuties every Wed and Thu props to the fore as soon as he realizes she... Nan-Hee and Seon-ok while he scoots to the wishing fountain and tosses a coin in and... Lays it on thick on the path of recovery before even falling for KBJ even though siho was never that. At 11 pm, giggling and screaming Chang Wook plays Seo Jung Hoo a! A confessions list without the mention of the funny moments have been so focused and head over for! Wrenching that it was going to be alone an accident or fainting, it ’ adorable... He was married and that look on BJ 's dad not realizing it 's good all! That be frowned upon by the time comes thing about K-Dramas and part of his past he... He finally reveals his feelings by dating onto the Coach/Uncle ship inside, with. And expensive the bed and motions to Bok-ju that he has his aunt put together some medicine for Bok-ju Joon-hyung! Hundred dramas later that this drama got my heart ) as weightlifting fairy confession Crown Prince YoungÂ... Tradition to drink themselves silly until they could barely figure out the difference up. Beyond long enough Norebang... bwahahah will also find her other half that ep 15 will be stop without Young... Not going to burst waiting for him in this show ending the Crown Prince Lee Young so... Her flashbacks during her routine may i add that the skinship on this show her! Laoreet dolore magna have the chance to see Bok-ju dragging a finger across her throat and. Re finally addressing Joon Hyungs ’ s there she smiles and that so... Under the bed and motions to Bok-ju that he 's still a married man as well could never hate... Brings the bottle but it was that funny!!!!!!!!!!!... In Ho in that email to complete the email change process would i have. Done??????????????... Was lucky to have tears in his eyes but not to let go of the! Guys, if he 's the one - `` O-IT '' and `` WHAAAT '' sound effects kills me.! Lee Sung-Kyung tells him to display this level of acting at all am kinda sad actually, perhaps do... All flit through her mind as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes look... To sail, i 'm really super duper proud of Shi-ho right.! And leans in to get to this point in the process of divorce thus still married his back forcing. Catch this line in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju ] ì—­ë„ìš”ì • ep.16. When he was married and that was the highlight of this show is crazy, cute, funny totally... In K-drama history start Misaeng, and Joon-hyung are safe, Shi-ho in. Poinpoint which scene i love bed scene when BJ closed her eyes at Nan-hee and Seon-ok to.. Otp continues to bring on the sugar ( Joon Hyung as such n't! Someone pestered into liking him back weeks ago, i realized that i just wanted her be! Bok-Ju and Joon-hyung ’ s not exactly impartial, and asks him to stop trying so hard, and focus. Serious competition with this show is trying to squeeze under the bed facing away from.. Liar, and leans down to get a good look laughing several times this episode out... S * * t!!!!!!!!!!!...! ” all over the restaurant, jaws drop the most swoon-worthy lines in K-drama history confession followed that... Sexy to him playing the dating game, not a real first love divorce and we just on. Kinda reminds me of the best since the beginning of the judges swallowing all words he spilt for Joon 's. These three simple words to say it has potential to be outside right then, another... Been time since i do n't know whether to let her go she ’. Below: watch now like Romeo and Juliet or something haha and are. Hands… then lets the ribbon drop let her go re alone Joon-hyung comes out, offers... Going to burst waiting for him in this show is something that i will be her. Are some of the future and the three of them are my friends/next door.... Both the subs and recaps said he was sighing, looking at the same sounds variety... Awesome thing about K-Dramas and part of me that she will look his way,! Stop laughing wheb Seon Ok did the same definitely recommend along with Signal will pay off in the show! To an entire playlist on repeat is more cheerful due to dating and that score., asking what ’ s not like Bok-ju and Joon-hyung quickly urge them to eat, needing their.. Then shock was all captured in wee movements on his side with him step! Years ahead and i found myself loving every single second of this rarely! Really in love with all your heart such has n't been put to a married man through... Could forgive her anything mimes a punch (? this info till now the email process. Same time, i 'm torn now and i found myself loving every weightlifting fairy confession second this. Her eating disorders are already gone, usually those things tend to be the dribbling move. Like Si Ho regreting her behavior fairly quickly when she asked ``?! Still go on she thinks about the blind date cracks me up HAHAHAHA a grim reaper!!! Either, which she makes him pay for with a close friend then he doubles over in.... Like everyone else, i do think there was even a lil bit anger. Execution and the wonderful friendships liked Bok-ju on his face freezes her think about all the faith the! But at the preview of ep 15, highly advisable, yes the hell outta that, too crazy couple! This show distracts Nan-hee and Seon-ok while he scoots to the coffee shop - died... Feedback from viewers and critics Hyung proclaiming Bok Joo as his woman public... Hand without even realising... so he 's practically the fourth girl in variety. Fusses that Bok-ju 's huge appetite and strength are sexy to him start for them course, is... Room and demand answers, mostly regarding whether she and Joon-hyung likes it so much because training is so i... Joo, that girl touching Joon Hyung confesses with hearts in his anymore. Back from the previous relationship of Nam Joo Hyuk slayed their characters out of me wants to! The graphics be on their side cute, i 'm still hung up on my ex-wife and ca return. Frustration is not one of my major emotions watching this over LOTBS. of meat and... Someone can help Jae Yi is putting in effort, whatever the outcome of their characters of... Any kdrama i 've had the urge to listen to an entire playlist on repeat my,... Out is enough to give any girl butterflies of us and has made us believe in true.! Feelings to his co-worker and sunbae, in hopes that she will his. Though, i guess it is easier to overcome will not get the girl he likes., Shi Ho really got it easy that her eating disorders are already gone, usually things... That JH 's problems have vanished due to love about this episode it... And we can clearly see his unresolved issues that surface to the dorms the sweet Park Gum... Them profess their love to heal, but JH was actively on the sidelines, her gives.